Elegant Abundance relationship strategist

High quality mentors and service providers all agree that “Words are how we think, story is how we link.”

Our Client stories take you on a journey you never thought possible. Have you dreamed of making your life a Masterpiece this year 2017. "Remember; life is a gift with an expiry date."

How "What you don't know that you don't know affects you".

"Here you are guided how to tap into what lives inside you. There is an inner fire that lights you up from inside out and touches significant others."

Beyond the system. Are you living out the programming that was set up for you. In this video below my client requests help to live organic life to replace synthetic life he has been living.

 This video brings business connection to personal life and body awareness. This client's business challenges brought him to me. However he did not realise the link his body and intimate relationships have to business until he experienced the feeling and integrated guidance.

Empty vessel cannot fill someone else's needs until it fills itself.



Business Relationships Link with Body awareness and Personal Relationships.

This video is true story of this man using his fear to save his hand from amputation.

With deep gratitude for this man for sharing his life with me "I bring you his story". Watch video.

Understanding how to work through transition.

Understanding connection where disconnection was normal. 

Connection initially cannot be identified without guidance. Watch Video

Recognising how your physical and emotional health affects your life.

Identifying mental garbage that wastes and interferes with quality of life.

Depression - powerful video of client progress. Watch video.